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The Ed-Visa

Following are the requirements for the Ed-Visa:

  • Minimum age 12-99 Years
  • Passport and Passport photos, 12 photos

The Procedure:

Come to the school with the above and fill in the application form and pay 50% of the school fees.

We will submit your paperwork to the education department and they will enroll you as a student in their database. When we receive the documents back from them we will give a set of them to you, to go to a Thai Embassy outside of Thailand, preferably Penang Malaysia, to obtain your ED-Visa there.

Upon receiving this set of documents from us you will have to pay the remaining 50% of the school fees.

Once you are back in Thailand with the ED-Visa in your Passport we have to make a copy of your Visa and the entry stamp and will prepare the same set of documents after 3 month so you can go to extend for another 9 month at the immigration office in Phuket.

Once you have the Ed-visa you wont have to leave Thailand again as long as you keep being a student. We can do this for you currently up to 10 years. You will only have to report every 3 months at the local immigration department.

We will provide the necessary documents for your extension after 3 month for you, which are included in the school fees.

Should you have to leave Thailand for private reasons you need to get a re-entry permit at the immigration for your Ed-Visa. Without the re-entry permit your Ed-visa will expire upon leaving the country.

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