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Teaching Programs

Oriental Bamboo Language School is teaching by native speakers who have been recruited and proved about attitude and teaching skills. Teachers have good understanding in Chinese traditions and culture. Learners are assured to have fun learning with advanced teaching techniques and quality approved lessons.

Thai and English for Foreigners

For smooth communication and better understanding whether it is Thai or English, Oriental Bamboo Language School provides comprehensive lessons by skilled and qualified teachers for those learners who would like to use language for work, and to better communication life with Thais and foreigners in daily, or to have a background about Thai language.

In addition, as Oriental Bamboo Language Scholl has been approved by Ministry of Education, students here will be able to apply for Education Visa or ED Visa. We also have a staff to help you with the consultancy or preparation of documentations for Education Visa or ED Visa application.

Remark: Education Visa is a type of Visa which allows a foreigner to legally stay in Thailand. For foreign students, his will help you with less traveling in and out of the country due to Visa issue.

Related Programs

General Chinese
Improve your skills for better opportunity and career advancement. Learn Chinese basic sentence structures, able to talk about general daily life, practice standard pronunciation.
Conversational Chinese
Teaching program for those who prepare to be teachers for both teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) and teaching Chinese as a foreign language (TCFL)
Chinese for children
Chinese for Children 4-12 years old
Language learning for children is not complicated as children are at the age of learning.

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